Florida Spring-Fed Sinkhole is Filled with Ancient Artifacts – #GoXplrr

Some even believe that it’s Ponce De Leon’s Fountain of Youth!

Ever since the 1500’s, people have been combing Florida for the fountain of youth… and even though we’re not entirely sure it exists, explorers have found some other pretty cool stuff along the way, like North Port’s Warm Mineral Springs. The 1.4 acre pool is about 250 feet deep and boasts spring-fed waters that are always at a lovely 87 degrees… and it’s apparently chock full of ancient archaeological finds!

The pool was originally a sinkhole that formed roughly 20,000 years ago and so before it filled up with water, it was just a big ol’ cave. Native Americans in the area used the sinkhole when it was empty, and left behind all kinds of tools and artifacts… and that’s not all that’s been discovered inside: in the 1950’s, researchers found the bones from at least 7 individuals from about 10,000 years ago in the pool. If the radiocarbon dating is accurate, it is the earliest known evidence of humans in Florida. 


Source: This Florida spring-fed sinkhole is filled with ancient artifacts | Roadtrippers


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