Just Discovered A Massive Stonehenge Made Of Wood – Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr

Archaeologists have discovered what they believe to have been an enormous arrangement of giant wooden timbers, 1,640 feet in diameter, just two miles northeast of Stonehenge, The Independent reports.’New Stonehenge’ at Durrington Walls ‘had no standing stones’.

An abrupt halt in the construction of the circle, however, appears to indicate ancient religious and political strife in the region. The complex, called Durrington Walls, was a contemporary of Stonehenge, although it was five times larger in diameter than the famed English stones. Durrington Walls was apparently never completed, with work ceasing around 2460 B.C. even though the complex was almost finished. Curiously, the timbers were then removed and shortly thereafter, the postholes were deliberately filled in:

Two of the postholes have just been fully excavated — and, at the bottom of one, the prehistoric people who decommissioned and buried the site, formerly occupied by the giant timber circle, had placed one of their tools (a spade made of a cow’s shoulder blade) at the bottom of the post hole before it was filled in.  READ MORE AT SOURCE

Source: Archaeologists discover a massive Stonehenge made of wood


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