HUGE DISCOVERY-Scret American Manuscript Hidden Under Paint For 500 Years!  Hutton Pulitzer #GoXPlrr

Long before Wite-Out was invented, people still found ways to get a second chance at reusing a surface.Medieval scribes scraped the ink off sheets of animal hide to reuse the pages. Plenty of artists have painted over one image with another.And now scientists have an example from the Americas as well, as reported in a new study in the Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.There are only a handful of manuscripts remaining from before Europeans came to the continent.

They’re made of leather strips coated with white plaster-like substance called gesso.The one the researchers studied is called the Codex Selden, and scholars have been suspicious for decades now that the book is hiding something beneath its surface.But the Mixtec people who created the manuscript used inks made from plant materials. That means there haven’t been any techniques that would give researchers the equivalent of X-ray vision, letting them see a hidden image without destroying the surface of the manuscript as we know it.


Source: Scientists just discovered a secret American manuscript that was hidden under paint for 500 years


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