Romans In America? Hercules In America? Mithras Mystery In America – Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr

Scott Wolter and J Hutton Pulitzer do an in-depth review of American Unearthed Season 1 Episode 5 – LEARN ABOUT WHAT TV WOULD NOT SHOW and History Which Has Been Hidden:
AU S1E5 Bull
A man shows up at Scott Wolter s lab with a 500-pound discovery. In the flatbed of his truck is a large boulder he pulled from the Arkansas River, inscribed with a mysterious bull symbol. Wolter s investigation into who carved the stone and for what ritualistic purpose ultimately reveals a connection between the ancient Egyptian cult of the Apis bull, the mysterious religion known as Mithraism and a party of pre-Columbian explorers to Oklahoma s panhandle. In the end, carvings in a cave in America s Heartland shed light on an ancient connection that could prove a group of religious outcasts made it to America in pre-Columbian times. 

#HuttonPulitzer #ScottWolter #GoXplrr #WeGotFOOKed History Heretic

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