Technology Unearths Denmark’s Lost Castles – Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr

BEFORE DENMARK WAS the land of bicycles and minimalist furniture, it was a country at war. Some 300 medieval castles once littered the countryside to protect ordinary civilians from the battles raging nearby. None exist today, but a group of scientists and archaeologists are busy trying to unearth them.

MORE PHOTOGRAPHY LAURA MALLONEEThe Snowy Graveyards Where Soviet Subs and Planes Go to Die LAURA MALLONEEWhen a Lenin Statue Is Decapitated, Where Does the Head Go? LAURA MALLONEEInside the Post-Soviet Towns Built Around a 40,000-Foot HoleIn 2014, experts from 10 museums banded together to discover the lost castles of Denmark.

They pinpointed a possible location, then employed an arsenal of metal detectors, drones, and more to confirm the castles’ existence.


Source: Join Archaeologists as They Unearth Denmark’s Lost Castles | WIRED


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