Just Found: Pyramid Even Older Than Some in Egypt – Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr

Archaeologists in Kazakhstan have recently uncovered a pyramid-shaped mausoleum that’s over 3,000-years-old, making it older than some – but not all – of Egypt’s pyramids.

The remarkable discovery was made in the Sary-Arka region near the city of Karaganda, and the team says it was likely built for an ancient king or clan leader.

“Judging by the monumental construction, this mausoleum was built more than 3,000 years ago for a local king,” team member Viktor Novozhenov, from Karaganda State University, told Yahoo News. “We are going to look inside the mausoleum this week. Everything that we find inside will be sent to the Karaganda Archaeological Museum.”

The team – led by Igor Kukushkin from Karaganda State University – is still in the process of excavating the site, but so far it seems to have been built for a similar purpose as the Egyptian pyramids, with the archaeologists coming across a mausoleum inside the structure.

They say that the mausoleum is about 2 metres (6.6 feet) tall and 15 by 14 metres (49 by 46 feet) long, making it quite small for a pyramid.


Source: Archaeologists just found a new pyramid that’s even older than some in Egypt – Business Insider


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