Crocodile Carving In Ancient Mesoamerican! Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr

A centuries-old stone crocodile carving used in Mesoamerican rituals was recently discovered in Mexico, offering clues about an ancient city’s ceremonial practices, and its relationship with a larger city nearby.

Archaeologists found the slab of carved rock in what is now Oaxaca, near a temple in the ruins of the city Lambityeco, which archaeologists first uncovered in the 1960s and dates back between 500 and A.D. 850. Early excavations at the site decades ago had revealed two palaces; frescoes in one of them hinted at close ties with a larger city in the area called Monté Albon, researchers from the Field Museum in Chicago, who investigated Lambityeco for the past four years,said in a statement.

Their work yielded hints that Lambityeco may have begun distancing itself from its more powerful neighbor at one point, with scientists unearthing evidence of changes to important structures and their access routes

Source: Crocodile carving played ritual role in ancient Mesoamerican city | Fox News


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