Why History Matters! Guest Blogger Hannah Elaine Parrish

Presented By Guest History Heretic Blogger – Hannah Elaine Parrish:

Whether it is widely recognized or not, history is important to both our present and our future. If we don’t have accurate records of the civilizations that preceded us; we could make bad decisions socially, economically and politically.

hanna-1There are so many mistakes we can avoid today and tomorrow by studying what worked and what did not work for our ancestors. If the official historical records contain lies, our world will struggle unnecessarily. Sadly, the authorized version of history we were taught is full or errors and omissions. As a society of educated modern people we should be concerned when a lie has been repeated often enough it becomes truth. The foundations of civilization rest on our collective histories, our future depends on our ability to apply historical knowledge to modern day challenges. Philosopher George Santayana put it better than I ever could, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

Why would any group of human beings be so dastardly as to obfuscate our history? To what end? You don’t need me to tell you people lie. You’ve lied, I’ve lied; we’ve been lied to. People lie for different reasons and to varying degrees of severity. Yet we can’t seem to see people with authority in high places of learning are also capable of deception. There exists outside the authorized and approved versions of history, an alternate story to the one we know so well. Scientific and technological advances have accelerated the rate of new historical discoveries and the establishment can’t keep up. Sometimes discoveries that challenge the status quo are just a little too scary. Academia won’t touch anything that would indicate the ancients could have possibly been more technologically advanced than we are today. We’re supposed to currently be at the zenith of human intellectual achievement, any evidence pointing to the contrary is best swept under the carpet. Not many academics are willing to risk their reputations, tenure or retirement on a radical find. I can’t say that I blame them, it’s just self-preservation.

hanna-2This is why we have to study history for ourselves. Whether the subject of history bores you or excites you, it impacts your everyday life and your future more than you ever imagined. I believe a spark of curiosity resides within us all. We need to network and share information and ideas. Open discussions about new historical and archeological discoveries and what they mean to the authorized version of history are crucial to our development as a society and a culture. We are responsible for writing the next chapter in history.


2 thoughts on “Why History Matters! Guest Blogger Hannah Elaine Parrish

  1. ILuminati

    As you clearly explain, everybody lies; so how do we know if the people that have all these alternative theories are not lying? For example, when someone claims that the ancients were technologically advanced but can’t show any machines?


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