Why Is History Important? Guest Blogger Lisa Calloway #GoXplrr

Why History is important?  Guest Blogger: Lisa Calloway

To understand why history is important you will need to understand what history is. History is an inquiry of knowledge acquired by investigation. It is the study of the past, particularly how it relates to humans.
History is important to people in different ways.

For example…
screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-8-30-06-amTo a student wanting to get a passing grade it is only important to know the key points of an event and the end results.

To a teacher it is only important to teach their lesson plan that is required by their state. Which is usually a day an event started and when it ended. (which is why students only know the basics of an event) They skip the most important part, the actual history of what led to the event,what happened during the event and the effects it had months to years after that event. To the media history has to have a good “headline” to make a story.

They skip the facts and tell you what they want you to know, not what actually happened.

Those few examples are what is wrong with society today. Everything is done in a basic way which gets passed on generation to generation.

With all that I’ve learned from watching, listening and reading Mr.Pulitzer’s work.
I not only want to, but I will change the way my children learn history because the younger generation and how they learn and how they are taught is important. I want my kids to know, understand and be able to learn from History. The way people lived,what they went through,how they made every day tools without going to the hardware store, how they ate with out going to a fast food restaurant, the mistakes that were made, the lies that were told, the truth that was and still is hidden.

History is not just listening, reading, writing or teaching…

The importance of History is understanding.

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