Archaeology Confirms King Hezekiah’s War – Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr

An archaeological dig in Israel has unearthed evidence of King Hezekiah’s devotion to Yahweh as recorded in the Bible. The 12th king of Judah, he was the pious son of a godless father, and he launched a war on idolatry, ordering the destruction of all false idols. Archaeologists in the ancient city of Tel Lachish in southern Israel claim to have discovered evidence of that devotion: a shrine dating to the 700s B.C., which shows signs of destruction and desecration around the time of Hezekiah.

Archaeologists with the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) discovered a large shrine, and in one of the inner rooms they found two four-horned altars. The horns on the altars appeared to have been intentionally cut, and there was even a toilet discovered in the corner of the shrine!

These discoveries are “probably evidence of the religious reform attributed to King Hezekiah, whereby religious worship was centralized in Jerusalem and the cultic high places that were built outside the capital were destroyed,” excavation director Sa’ar Ganor said in a statement on the find. He quoted 2 Kings 18:4, wherein Hezekiah “removed the high places, smashed the sacred stones and cut down the Asherah poles.”

Source: Archaeology Confirms King Hezekiah’s War Against Idolatry | PJ Media


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