Symbols and Myth -How the Nazis Sold the Third Reich – Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr 

Hitler was the prime mover in the propaganda regimen of the Third Reich, its editor and its first author, at the center of the propaganda process. Many historians perhaps unwittingly imply a propaganda order where Goebbels was the brilliant practitioner and dictator.

This was never true except perhaps in the final year or so of the war. But Hitler was in no sense an innovator—the ideas were always second-hand and even the symbols themselves had a pre-existing life as nationalist icons or signs from earlier ideologies, or as images and rituals borrowed from the Italian Fascism of Benito Mussolini.

Hitler’s expertise was as a synthesizer, fashioning from the accumulated mass of forms and ideas, the historic debris and labyrinths and byways of the German mind, a modern and ravishing éclat articulated through deftly managed symbols and rituals.

Source: How the Nazis Sold the Third Reich – The Daily Beast


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