Mysterious Artifacts Unearthed on Oak Island – Hutton Pulitzer #GoXplrr

For four centuries Oak Island – situated off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada – has seen numerous attempts to get to the bottom of the mysterious 230ft-deep man-made pit.

A former Boston and Spilsby man now features in a History Channel series on the mystery which is airing in the UK. Professional treasure hunter and author Gary Drayton took part in the second season of The Curse of Oak Island – during which he found several artifacts near the site. Describing himself as a ‘Yellowbelly’ he said the latest team trying to get to solve the mystery, the Lagina brothers, personally called on his metal-detecting services.

“It’s a far cry from my cauliflower-cutting days around Boston,” said Gary, who had a home in Horace Street, and went to school in Spilsby, before moving to Florida.

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Source: Mysterious artifacts unearthed in treasure hunt on Oak Island – Skegness Standard


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