Hutton Pulitzer Reports 48 Bodies Unearthed at Black Plague Burial Site – #HuttonPulitzer

Archaeologists in England have discovered the remains of 48 victims of the Black Death in a mass grave, just the third such known site of its kind in the United Kingdom.Among the four dozen bodies found at the site, a medieval abbey in Lincolnshire, England, are the remains of 27 children. The pit was excavated over three summers, and now analysis of DNA found in the teeth of the skeletons has pointed a finger at Yersinia pestis, a bacterium and the culprit of the bubonic plague. Radiocarbon dating has placed the site historically in the 14th century.“

To our complete surprise, we found a huge medieval mass grave,” Dr Hugh Willmott, a senior lecturer in the archaeology department at the University of Sheffield, said in a video explaining the discovery. “A big rectangular pit containing rows of women, men, and a large proportion of children.”


Source: 48 bodies unearthed at Black Plague burial site in England | Fox News


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