Hutton Pulitzer Reports – 5-Fingered Mining -Thief Steals Bucket With $1.6M In Gold – #HuttonPulitzer


A man in New York City saw an armored truck, an unguarded bucket and an opportunity. With little hesitation he took a chance — and the bucket. Video surfaced this week by New York’s WNBC shows the thief raiding a briefly unguarded armored truck and making off with the pail, which happened to be holding gold flakes worth some $1.6 million.Despite the massive value of the bucket’s contents, police apparently believe the swipe wasn’t premeditated, rather a heist driven by happenstance.

The man seemingly took advantage of an about 20-second window during which one guard was making a drop-off and the other was heading to the front of the armored truck to grab his cell phone.

The September theft took place in broad daylight on West 48th Street in New York City’s Diamond District. The video shows the man keeping an eye on the truck. He seems to notice the guards have left the back of the truck open and unattended. He then cautiously grabs the bucket and starts to run off with it.


Source: Thief Steals Bucket With $1.6M In Gold


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