Hutton Pulitzer Reports: Rare Ming Dynasty Banknote Found – Guess Where?  – #HuttonPulitzer 

Art experts in Australia have found a rare paper banknote from the Ming Dynasty of Imperial China hidden inside an antique wooden sculpture that was being prepared for auction.

The Chinese characters on the crumpled banknote show that it was issued in the third year of the reign of Zhu Yuanzhang, the first emperor of the Ming Dynasty — or 1371 in the Western calendar. The inscriptions also warn would-be counterfeiters that they face the penalty of death by beheading.

The 645-year-old banknote was found hidden inside a wooden sculpture of the head of a “luohan,” a religious figure from Chinese Buddhism, that may once have stood in a family or public temple, said Paul Sumner, chief executive of Mossgreen’s Auctions in Melbourne, Australia, which discovered the note.

See more photos at link below

Source: Stashed cash: Rare Ming Dynasty banknote found inside Chinese sculpture


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