Hutton Pulitzer Reports: Secrets of Stone Age Jade Axes Revealed #HuttonPulitzer 

A new exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland showcases a rarely seen collection of Stone Age jade axeheads. Most of them were brought to Scotland around 4,000 years BC. In those times they were at least 100 years old.

The display that opened on May 20 contains a collection of jade axeheads which were created over 6,000 years ago. The artifacts were made in the Italian Alps, far from Scotland. The axeheads were brought to Scotland by pioneering farming groups from the northern region of France. The history of the axeheads was discovered by a French-led group of researchers involved in National Museums Scotland ”Projet [Project] Jade”.

Dr. Alison Sheridan, Principal Curator of Early Prehistory in the Department of Scottish History and Archaeology, said that the Museum hopes to ”inspire and fascinate” modern people with the unique history of the ”extraordinary jade axeheads”.


Source: Secrets of Stone Age Jade Axes Revealed in Scotland | Ancient Origins


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