Hutton Pulitzer Reports: Golden Treasures Found Inside Piano #HuttonPulitzer #JovanHuttonPulitzer

Hutton Pulitzer, The History Heretic Reports:  Play a tune and get rich.  What a concept.  A hoard of gold coins has been found hidden away in an upright piano in Shropshire.

The cache is believed to date from pre-1990 and appears to have been deliberately squirrelled away within the past 110 years.The piano has so far been traced back to 1906, when it was made by Broadwood and Sons of London and sold to a music shop in Essex.The instrument’s more recent history places it in the Saffron Walden area of Essex, when it was bought by a family in 1983, who later moved to Shropshire.An inquest has now opened with both the coroner and the British Museum urging claimants to come forward and explain when the haul was hidden and why it came to be inside a piano.The inquest will also determine if the coins qualify as treasure under the terms of the Treasure Act (1996).


Source: Mystery Of Golden ‘Treasure’ Found Concealed In Shropshire Piano


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