Hutton Pulitzer Reports: Ancient Grave Found Loaded With Jewels

A treasure-filled grave in southern Germany is revealing that the ancient Celts likely had relationships with faraway cultures.

An Iron Age tomb brimming with treasures fashioned out of gold, bronze and amber was recently uncovered after lying undisturbed by the Danube River for nearly 2,600 years, archaeologists report.

The glitzy hoard adorned and surrounded the skeleton of a woman who likely died between the age of 30 and 40, and it suggests that she was an elite member of the Celtic society that buried her in ancient southern Germany at a hill fort called Heuneburg in 583 B.C., the researchers said.

Moreover, the presence of a petrified sea urchin and ammonite (a type of extinct mollusk) in the grave are intriguing, and suggest that the woman “was a kind of priestess,” said the study’s lead researcher Dirk Krausse, the archaeologist for the German state of Baden-Württemberg.


Source: Buried Treasure: Ancient Grave Found Brimming with Jewels


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