Hutton Pulitzer Reports: The Truth About Ancient Egypt – #HuttonPulitzer #JovanHuttonPulitzer 

How have we misunderstood this period of 
Egyptian history?

I think virtually all of ancient Egypt has been misunderstood. Fundamentally, our understanding has been based on four 
key influences: the Bible; the ancient Greeks; the work of 19th-century French scholar Jean-François Champollion; 
and then, into the 20th century, German historians.

Champollion laid down the terms with which we discuss ancient Egypt – kings, country, courtiers, nobles, peasants, priests and soldiers – at a time when Europeans had a very strong idea about what those terms meant. It was a time of revolution in Europe, when ‘nation’ was a hot topic in France, but the fact that Champollion and some of his contemporaries translated it back to ancient Egypt was barking mad. After all, ancient Egypt wasn’t a place but, instead, a culture – in the same way that tribal peoples don’t have a dotted line around the edge of their land.


Source: The truth about ancient Egypt | History Extra


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