#TheHistoryHeretic Reports: Did Technology Find Nefertiti’s Tomb? – #JovanHuttonPulitzer 

A fresh attempt to discover more secrets in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings offers a tantalizing reward—the tomb of one of history’s most beguiling female monarch.

The hunt has begun on for the “discovery of the century.”

A team of Italian archeologists announced this week that they have started work on documenting the mysterious Valley of the Kings. Next month the team plans to enter the tomb of the boy-king Tutankhamun and scan the tomb for secret chambers. Their ultimate goal is to find the legendary final resting place of Queen Nefertiti, the Egyptian Queen who helped lead a religious revolution 3,300 years ago.

Franco Porcelli, the director of the Polytechnic University of Turin project, said, “It will be a rigorous scientific work and will last several days, if not weeks… Who knows what we might find as we scan the ground”

Source: Are Archaeologists About to Find Nefertiti’s Tomb? – The Daily Beast


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