#TheHistoryHeretic Reports:  ‘Gateway To The Underworld’ #JovanHuttonPulitzer 

The Batagaika crater is a megaslump that continues growing. v

In a remote region of Siberia, near the Yana river basin, a crater locally known as the “doorway to the underworld” continues to expand.

Its real name is the Batagaika crater and it is a “megaslump” – a giant crater, reaching a size of 1km long and 86 metres deep.

It is likely that these features will grow even more in the near future.Megaslumps have been associated with the region’s melting permafrost — frozen ground that had been below zero centigrade for two or more years continuously, and which covers much of the region. As the planet warms up, permafrost thaws and the Earth loosens and slumps, forming these vast craters.


Source: ‘Gateway to the underworld’ crater in remote Siberia keeps expanding as permafrost melts


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