#TheHistoryHeretic Reports: Ancient Roman Glassworks Discovered #JovanHuttonPulitzer

Romans revered prized glass for its decorative qualities and utilized it for many different things. Romans used the glass to make delicate tableware, mirrors, and jewelry – to name a few of its many uses. Archaeologists have recently found ancient glassworks where the raw glass was made prior to its exportation across the Empire.

The oven that the glass was heated in dates back 1,600 years ago to the late Roman period. These are the oldest to be found in Israel, and they have allowed researchers to determine that this was one of the main regions for glass production in the ancient world.

Archaeologists from the Israel Antiquities Authority made the extraordinary discovery. It happened while excavating a site located south-east of Yagur before the construction part of the Jezreel Valley Railway Project. They knew they were onto something when Adel Al Salam Sa’id saw chunks of glass and a floor. This, of course, prompted further excavations. He said, “We exposed fragments of floors, pieces of vitrified bricks from the walls and ceiling of the kilns, and clean raw glass chips. We were absolutely overwhelmed with excitement when we understood the great significance of the finds.”

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Source: Ancient Roman glassworks discovered in Israel


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