Which 2 Ancient Civilizations Could Of Helped Forge Human Civilization? w/ #TheHistoryHeretic 

Is the human civilization the result of natural evolution? How is it possible that at one point in history people are living in caves? And all of a sudden ancient cultures started building complex cities and massive monuments around the globe. What can be attributed to this gigantic technological leap forward? Many people agree that ancient alien civilizations intervened in the distant past and helped forge the human civilization. There are millions of people around the world who firmly believe mankind was not the result of mother nature.

Just as the ancient alien theory proposes, there is a mountain of evidence which points to the fact that our planet has been visited by highly advanced civilizations hundreds of thousands of years ago. These extraterrestrial civilizations helped forge our civilization, modifying our genes and helping ancient man advanced through history at an accelerated rate. Mainstream scientists cannot explain how it is possible that civilization on Earth came…


Source: 2 Ancient Alien Civilizations that helped forge the human civilization


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