10 Forbidden Artifacts Which Contradict Our Human History! w? #TheHistoryHeretic #JovanHuttonPulitzer (Audio File)

Do we know the TRUTH about History? Is what is recorded in history books and codified by Archaeologists the REAL TRUTH? Did time travelers visit the earth’s past? The evidence is overwhelming.    CLICK TO PLAY AUDIO

– Who left the modern shoe prints found in stone more than 200 million years before man appeared and dinosaurs roamed the planet?

– Who left the metallic spheres found in South Africa… Obviously made by man… but more than two billion years before man evolved on the earth?

– Did modern humans meet their untimely death to have their remains preserved in the earth, hundreds of thousands of years before possible?

From where, or perhaps “when,” were advanced civilizations visiting our past thousand’s and million’s of years before man appeared on the earth?

Explore the Possibilities and the fascinating scientific evidence. These are just the surface of the forbidden knowledge being hidden and protected today… knowledge that suggests a strong possibility that our views of human origins are either incorrect… or maybe that time travelers have already visited Earth’s past.


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