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Templars In America? Secret Orders? A New Jerusalem? Keepers Of The Truth? w/ #TheHistoryHeretic #JovanHuttonPulitzer

1314, Jacques de Molay (c. 1244 – 1314), the 23rd and Last Grand Master of the Knights Templar, is lead to the stake to burn for heresy. He is shouting to Pope Clement and King Philip that they will face ‘a tribunal with God’ within a year. They both died soon (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)



What Happened On This Day In History? w/ #TheHistoryHeretic #JovanHuttonPulitzer

Here are some of the cool historical events which occurred onTHIS DAY in history! 

Brand New Year and Historic Traditions For Prosperity! w/ #TheHistoryHeretic #JovanHuttonPulitzer

Can Your New Year Eve’s Actions or New Year’s Rituals GUARANTEE YOUR NEW YEARS SUCCESS? 

Will this New Year BE YOUR YEAR? Is there a formula or tradition for success? With 365 days filled with possibilities, there’s no question that a lot can happen in a year. Having the possibility of love, heartbreak, and success resting on your shoulders would leave anything feeling exhausted. But whether you experienced the good, the bad or a mix of both, the mere thought of a new year—a chance to start with a clean slate—should make you hopeful and excited for what’s to come.