Oak Island Stories

Read Our Articles about “Curse of Oak Island” on History Channel and “Oak Island” – The World’s Longest Ongoing and Most Costly Treasure Hunt!

  1. What I Learned Hunting Oak Island – Facts, Fictions, Fanatical Fans and $190m SPENT!
  2. Obsession and Passion- 50 Years of Demons and Determination a backstory of the Curse of Oak Island
  3. 8 Points on the 8 Pointed Star and Oak Island – ExpeditionHistory.org InvestigatingHistory.org
  4. Treasure Blaspheme or Boustrophedon Treasure? Curse of Oak Island and ExpeditionHistory.org
  5. Ark of the Covenant and the ACTUAL Value of the GOLD in King Solomon’s Temple! ExpeditionHistory.org Curse of Oak Island

2 thoughts on “Oak Island Stories

  1. Harley Bissell

    tonight’s episode of Curse of Oak Island says that the book Oak Island Mysteries by Reginald Harris is out of print and worth $950. I checked that statement and found two listings of the first edition at abebooks.com. One IS $950 plus shipping. The other is LESS THAN $102 including shipping. I won’t buy it but someone will most likely as soon as the show ends. good luck,
    Harley Bissell

  2. M

    Hiya J Hutton,
    Liked the audio on the 75 article about Goodwin and the maps. See, people can work it out. For your information the ‘code’ he referred to “given” to Kidd’s wife was (there are a few versions) 43106183 it’s latitude plus the Golden Section mean as the map had a Golden Section Triangle on it.
    Guess what: I have the other maps he referred to ( the missing ones) but I didn’t publish them on my website.
    All four maps needed to find the real treasure and everyone is arguing themselves stupid when as Goodwin says “it’s so simple”. Who will be the first to admit it??????


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