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History Heretic Daily for 12/10/17 w/ #TheHistoryHeretic #JovanHuttonPulitzer

In many world mythologies, the characters in the myths are often given supernatural weapons. In Greek mythology, for instance, Zeus has his thunderbolts, whilst the Norse god Thor has his magic hammer, Mjölnir. Supernatural weapons also appear in Hindu mythology, and are known generally as astras. These supernatural weapons are wielded by the characters of the various Hindu texts, including those of the famous epic, the Mahabharata.


The Truth About Jerusalem and The Ancient Awakening Going On! The Flood Gates Of Forbidden History Are Opening w/ #TheHistoryHeretic

Get the Forbidden Truth and Hidden History Of Jerusalem.  Was It Really The Ancient Capital of Israel? What Are The Facts? 


The sunken city of the Caesars that was lost for over seventeen centuries under the blue waters of Italy’s west coast, has been uncovered in impressive new pictures taken by divers who were permitted to explore the area.

10 Ancient Lost Cities, Said To Be Myths and Pseudo Archaeology -REDISCOVERED! w/#TheHistoryHeretic

The story of Atlantis is one of the most renowned and enduring tales of a lost city, said to have been swallowed up by the sea and lost forever. Yet, the story of Atlantis is not unique, as other cultures have similar legends of landmasses and cities that have disappeared under the waves, been lost beneath desert sands, or buried beneath centuries of vegetation. Most of these legendary cities have never been found. However, there are now numerous cases of ancient cities, once seen as little more than myths and legends, that have now emerged from the past, raising the question as to how many more lost cities remain buried and waiting to be uncovered.

History Heretic Daily 12/05/17 w/ #TheHistoryHeretic #JovanHuttonPulitzer

Medicine wheels, known also as sacred circles or sacred hoops, are monuments constructed by certain Native American cultures by laying stones in a particular pattern on the ground. The most basic pattern, which is followed by the majority of medicine wheels, consists of a center of stones, which is connected to an outer ring by ‘spokes’. Medicine wheels were, and still are, constructed for healing purposes. It may be mentioned that this ‘healing’ should be understood within the context of inner spiritual energy and enlightenment, rather than the taking of drugs or herbal remedies. Apart for that, such wheels are speculated to have been made for astronomical, ritual and teaching purposes as well.


Who Is #TheHistoryHeretic #JovanHuttonPulitzer

How Does One Become A History Heretic, or for that matter a hunter of lost cities and forbidden history?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked when I speak at events or Universities across the county.  The short answer is “I repurposed my research and technology skills” – however the highly detailed answer is found by clicking the photo below.


Which 2 Ancient Civilizations Could Of Helped Forge Human Civilization? w/ #TheHistoryHeretic 

Is the human civilization the result of natural evolution? How is it possible that at one point in history people are living in caves? And all of a sudden ancient cultures started building complex cities and massive monuments around the globe. What can be attributed to this gigantic technological leap forward? Many people agree that ancient alien civilizations intervened in the distant past and helped forge the human civilization. There are millions of people around the world who firmly believe mankind was not the result of mother nature.

Just as the ancient alien theory proposes, there is a mountain of evidence which points to the fact that our planet has been visited by highly advanced civilizations hundreds of thousands of years ago. These extraterrestrial civilizations helped forge our civilization, modifying our genes and helping ancient man advanced through history at an accelerated rate. Mainstream scientists cannot explain how it is possible that civilization on Earth came…


Source: 2 Ancient Alien Civilizations that helped forge the human civilization